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Professional Photographers

We have our partner photographers in all major cities across India to create the best possible portfolios of our young upcoming models. Portfolio shoots are often underestimated by people but it is something which needs a lot of skill and understanding of the concepts. Usually, a portfolio aims at bringing out the best of a model in all possible ways and an inexperienced photographer will always miss out on those.

Fashion Shows

Now-a-days Kids’ Fashion Shows are trending. It gives an immense pleasure for us to give a platform for all the kids’ out there. Gone were the days when one was supposed to wait to showcase their talents on stage. With the growing technology, there are ‘n’ number of opportunities in this world. One just needs to grab the opportunity and move ahead.

Well, coming to the Kids’ Fashion Shows- they too walk on ramps by wearing that infectious smile on their faces. The way they carry their style and swag is just admirable. The Fashion Show is for the age group of 4 to 17 years. All they have to present is as themselves on the stage. The kids’ when they take part in such Fashion shows at an early age boosts up their confidence level and the stage fear would be entirely gone for eternity. We are as excited as you for this new endeavor 🙂

  • We have planned to collaborate with various Fashion shows in the future days.
  • The Junior Model International 2020 is on its way to embrace the kids’ in its arms.
  • JMI Bengaluru auditions are on March 7th, 2020. We have put up the details on our website and Facebook page.
  • There are multiple platforms for Kids’ Fashion Show. We are trying our best to give you the fruitful services. We will keep you updated about the latest trends about Kids’ Fashion Shows in the coming days.

Points to Ponder about Fashion shows:

  • Every Fashion show has got its own beauty with some terms and conditions. Well, what is life without terms and conditions, right? Ha-ha! Indeed, life doesn’t come up with instructions. And that is the reason why we get stuck ourselves in the middle of some situations.

Hold on! What did you just read? Did you feel like that you got lost somewhere in the space? We got you. You are just here pondering over the thoughts of Kids’ Fashion Show.

  • Grooming sessions are must for the kids’. And parents have to keep this in mind that, there will be some registration fees right from the level of auditions.
  • Once the auditions are done, kids’ are grouped into different categories based on their age.
  • Various rounds will be lined up for the kids’.
  • And the contestants who make it up for Finals will have to pay some amount to the organizers of the Fashion show. This will be exclusively for Grooming sessions. The pay could be for 1 or 2 days. Based on their requirements.

Model Hunt Contests

We would be soon coming up with regular model hunt contests in which we would be showcasing the upcoming super stars in kids modeling and best kids models would get opportunities in various circles of fashion arena. For this, we would need accurate details about the baby that the parents are filling in the portfolio otherwise there will be a lot of rejections. 

Usually, model hunt competitions can be of various forms. It may be online, it may just be a social media contest or it may be an audition kind of an event. We are hunting the upcoming little modeling stars from all possible platforms so that we get the best possible new faces. We are also collaborating with many kids photographers across the country to educate parents of the little kids about the scope of modeling for kids.

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