A rendezvous with Samayra, the Glam-Kid Contest Jan 2020 Winner

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We from Glamkids.in are back with an article. Were you missing anything from our side? We heard you auidence 🙂

Do you remember our Glam-Kid – Jan 2020 Contest Winner? Yes, it’s none other than the cutie pie “Samayra Narula.” Well, are you interested in knowing more about her. By now, you all have been watched her Tik Tok videos and her expressions. That is a Wow factor! Let’s just break the ice.
Lately, we have had a telephonic interview with Samayra. Indeed, we loved the way she interacted with us on a phone call. We asked some generic questions based on day-to-day life and her favorite things. Let’s get started.

Q: Hi Samayra! Glad to be interviewing you. How are you?
Samayra: Hello, I’m fine! Thank you 🙂

Q: Aww! So sweet of you. The innocence in her voice freezed the moment for a second. Well, Do you have any nick name?
Samayra: Yes, My nick name is Sam.

Q: Okay Sam! Tell us about your school, teachers and friends?
Samayra: I got to Royale Concorde International School. I love my teachers and friends. My best friend is Adhvika.

Q: Glad to know about it Samayra. Well, here is a tricky question for you. Whom do you like more, Mom or Dad?
Samayra: I like both of them.

Q: Oh, great! We were expecting the answer as Dad. Because most of the times a girl child likes her dad more and boy child vice versa. Well, what do you do at home after coming from school every day apart from your homeworks.
Samayra: I will play. I will draw. I will dance. And watch one cartoon.

Q: Wow! You play, dance and draw. You have got some real talents. Glad to know it. Do you have any pets at home? If not, do you like to have any one at home.
Samayra: No. We don’t have any pets. I don’t like pets.

Q: Huh, Huh! That is okay. Tell us about your favorite cartoon character?
Samayra: My favorite cartoon character is Peppa Pig.

Q: Super! Peppa pig learns new things every day and has lot of fun with friends and family. Well, have you seen a peacock dancing? And which is your favorite bird?
Samayra: No. I have not seen a peacock dancing. My favorite bird is Pigeon. I like it. Because, it is nice.

Q: That was super cute. The way she said ‘I like it. Because, it’s nice.’ Here is your next question Sam, what is your favorite chocolate and snack?
Samayra: My favorite chocolate is Dairy Milk Silk. And, my favorite snack is Maggi.

Q: Yum! Tell us your favorite hero and favorite song?
Samayra: My favorite hero is Ayushmann Khurrana. My favorite song is “Kudi mainu kendi mainu jutti le de.”

Q: Amazing! It really was a treat to us. She sang the song. We were awestruck by her voice too. She is indeed a bundle of joy. Well Sam, you are an amazing actress. We loved your expressions. How do you prepare yourself while performing for a video on Tik Tok?
Samayra: Thank you. I practice 2 times before performing on Tik Tok.

Q: Amazing! 2 re-takes and she is all flawless. Tell us about your favorite animated movie?
Samayra: My favorite movie is Frozen. I like Elsa.

Q: Damn! Who on earth doesn’t like that movie. Isn’t it? For all those who are wondering what movie is that. Just “Let it go.” Remembered anything? Yes, it is the song. Ha-ha!
Sam, What dolls do you have with you at your home? Have you kept names for them? Tell us about it.
Samayra: Yes. I have two dolls. Dolly and Twinkle.

Q: How nice it’d be to remain as kids, isn’t it? How many of you here miss being a kid? Think about it and answer us in the comments.
Here is your next question Sam, How did you feel when you won the Glam-kid Contest?
Samayra: Amazing!

Q: We are gald to hear it. You had a photoshoot recently at Parul and Ankur Photography right? How did you feel?
Samayra: Wonderful!

Q: We are delighted by your response. Thank you! Which is your favorite game to play?
Samayra: I like to play Basket ball.

Q: Pleased to know. Here is your last question for the day. When is your birthday? And what gift would you like to have this time.
Samayra: My birthday is on 8th September. I want Big Teddy Bear as a gift. Thank you so much. Have a great day.

This was all about the telephonic Interview of our Glam-kid Contest Winner Samayra Narula. Special token of appreciation for her dad Vinay Narula for scheduling and supporting to have a 101 conversation with Samayra on call. We really enjoyed it. Thank you 🙂

Nevertheless, Thank you for being patient readers here.

Stay tuned for our next article 🙂
Have a great day!

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