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This is the most common question that parents have regarding kids’ modeling. But there is no straight forward answer to it. It depends a lot on the age. If the age is more than 5 years, you can surely train your child to attain all the attributes that are required for modeling, acting or any other skill for that matter. But before that, its all natural.

Parents these days want their kids to be a part of glamour industry right from the birth. YES, I mean it. We have got applications for kids who are even less than a month old. So, in such a competitive world, grooming becomes really very important.

Until the child learns to improvise on their body language, actions, expressions etc, it all depends on their natural self. If the baby is jovial, it becomes much easy for the directors to work with them. But if they are not jovial and friendly its not possible for directors to go as per plan. Another important factor which is to be considered is how friendly the kids are with new places and strangers. If a child takes a lot of time to adjust to new surroundings, they would most probably wont be suitable for shoots. These problems are rare if the child is more than 5 years old.


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