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This is the most common question that parents have regarding kids’ modeling. But there is no straight forward answer to it. It depends a lot on the age. If the age is more than 5 years, you can surely train your child to attain all the attributes that are required for modeling, acting or any other skill for that matter. But before that, its all natural.

Parents these days want their kids to be a part of glamour industry right from the birth. YES, I mean it. We have got applications for kids who are even less than a month old. So, in such a competitive world, grooming becomes really very important.

Until the child learns to improvise on their body language, actions, expressions etc, it all depends on their natural self. If the baby is jovial, it becomes much easy for the directors to work with them. But if they are not jovial and friendly its not possible for directors to go as per plan. Another important factor which is to be considered is how friendly the kids are with new places and strangers. If a child takes a lot of time to adjust to new surroundings, they would most probably wont be suitable for shoots. These problems are rare if the child is more than 5 years old.

Portfolios are the best way to apprehend details about a child. “Make albums; make memories.” The kids are the beautiful souls. The innocence, giggling, their laughter are commendable in day-to-day lives. Kids now have become professionals in the matter of posing. The technology have become  that the kids’ themselves Google, YouTube and search for the things they are in interested with. Kids’ have keen observational skills. They conceptualize details in a peculiar manner and they grasp and learn new things within no time. A Trend has been emerged that the kids’ love to pose and their parents just love to watch them grow on a daily basis. Here are some of the trends. Buckle up for reading mode.

1. Video Portfolios:

This a great way to attract and build up your work. The videos helps in exploring new ideas and gives the complete clarity about the location, expressions, and about the costumes remarkably. The kids usually don’t like to sit in a place for a very long duration. They want to go around the place, swirl, and run. Indeed, video portfolios are the finest thing to adapt.

2. Expression Grid:

Oh, the word expression itself says everything here. The kids’ love to give different expressions then and there. Ask them to smile; they’ll just smile and it makes your day. Tell them to make a sad face; they pretend in such a way that you would be left with no questions. The emotions will be conveyed in an elite approach.

3. Normal Poses Portfolio-Evergreen:

The kids’ have to just pose however they want it to be. It could be standing, walking, stare at something, toss a frame of mind, sit on a chair and give some exceptional expressions. The poses are evergreen and they are everlasting. This has been followed from years together all over the world.

4. Themed Shoots:

This shoot is very popular. The theme is set up according to the customer’s needs. The kids’ love watching cartoons. And they love to get dressed up in the costumes as well. The background will be unimaginable. The theme just gives life to the character. For example; A kid wants to look like a chef. The set up is done in such a way that all the things which are used by the chefs are put into the set up like- Chef coat, chef cap, a detailed menu board, knives, chop board etc… Did you all just imagine it? If yes, You are outstanding!

5. Portfolio with Props:

This is another great way to capture the moments; which is precious. The kids’ hold their favorite props with their hands and the pictures were clicked accordingly. Some would just like to hold the bicycle and pose, few likes to pretend that they are trying to hold the chain of a swing and the list just goes on… Props are the great factor to seek attention from the viewers.

6. Natural Expressions and Body Language:

The kids are the natural posers. They inherit it from their birth. As kids’ they don’t actually care about the surroundings. They will be their true selves. Capturing the best shot becomes challenging for photographs. The body language of the kids changes from second to second. It needs to be strategized in prior for the better results. Basically, this is going to be candid shots of the kids.

7. Multi-cultural Dresses:

India being a secular country. It has got various cultures. Earlier when people traveled across the country. They would wear the dress which represented their culture. For eg; If one goes to Punjab, they would dress up like Punjabi with a turban on their head, Dhoti and Kurta. In the same way, the kids’ likes to groom themselves with unique costumes. During Krishna Janmashtami they likes to dress up like Krishna with a flute and peacock’s feather on their head band. With this shoot, one will also get to know about the significance of different cultures.

Hope this article helped you with the basics on the Latest Trends in Kids’ Portfolio.

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