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Glamkids- is an emerging online platform to display the kids’ talent. These days kids are exceptional with their talents. One need not wait till they grow up to become celebrities. Because in the growing world it is all about ‘Now.’ Each one of us are gifted with amazing talents. And in this modern technological era, the parents of the kids’ are showing keen interest in showcasing the talents of their kids’. The efforts put by them are unimaginable and it’s all worth it. Well, few might have known by now about the Glam- Kid Contest which we held in the month of January 2020. Here is a quick gist about the contest.

Glam- Kid Contest was an Inaugural Contest. Precisely, we actually launched Glamkids platform on January 1st 2020. In fact, this was the day of the Inauguration of
Cheers to the new beginning. Our mission is to create a platform for all the talented kids’ out there. Hardwork is the mother of good luck. But, talent helps to pursue their passion. To be honest, these kids wouldn’t have any idea of the competition. Do you agree? They will just be themselves on their own in the world of innocence. Taking part in the competitions at an early state; helps them to be relentless in the future days. In fact they wouldn’t step back when oppurtunities are given to them. It also boosts up their confidence level. Every little steps matters in the journey of life. Do you all agree?

Well at the first, we invited the entries for the Glam-Kid Competition, it was free of cost. The contest was for the age of 0 to 12 years old kids’. The time period for the contest was from January 1st to January 21st. Initially we aksed the parents of the kids’ to mail the images at

On 1st of January we uploaded the first batch of 10 participants. We received an impeccable response from the Bengaluru city. There were 50 entries on the first 2 days with 1000 comments and likes. We were overwhelmed to see the parents being so enthusiatic about their kids’ talents.
Eventually, we have had almost 70+ entries for the contest. We posted the pictures of the kids’ on our social media sites i.e, on Facebook and Instagram. The top 10 contestants were being selected based on the total number of likes they have had got for the pictures. Well, it was pretty hard for us to decide and select the top 10 finalists. Although, the decision was entirely taken by our Judge Mr. Naren Bansal- he is a casting director based in Mumbai and has done casting for many TVC’s, music videos, webseries, serials, short films etc…

After selecting 10 finalists we had asked the parents to send a video of 20 seconds of their kids’ by January 21st 9PM. This was asked to look at the kids’ expressions in depth and also the way they carry themselves with the style. The videos were adorable. We were mind blown to watch the kids’ dance, talk, and also to look at the expressions. The kids’ have got their own swag. Wouldn’t they? We at were awestruck by looking at the videos of the kids. Well, you readers will get to know about it in our next article.

Meanwhile, some of the kids couldn’t get enough number of likes. However, their zeal to the competition were promising. And we couldn’t deny it. Nevertheless, there is an interesting thing for those 24 kids’. Yes, we are awarding the kids’ with the “Basic Membership” on our platform for the next one year. Yes, it is absolutely free of cost.

Enough of the mystery now. Ain’t it? Are you all curious to know that who won the title of the Glam- Kid Award? Of course, it is none other than the Samayra Narula. She is an amazing actress kid with eminent expressions. Just have a look at her videos. You’ll be speechless. Oh, we bet! She is just 5 years old, and has a fan base of over 1.7 million on Tik Tok. Indeed, she is a celebrity kid already.
On board we have 2 second prize winners, 3 third prize winners, 4 fourth prize winners, and 24 fifth prize winners. Out of 70+ kids’, 34 of them received prizes from which they actually deserved it.

Are you all curious to know about the titles and the prizes we awarded to all of these kids? Then, stay tuned for the next article 🙂


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