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The following article is being written as a token of appreciation for all our 10 Finalists . We at watched these kids’ 20 seconds of video on loop. Because, in this world not all need rehabilitation; some just needs smile. And we were fortunate enough to witness radiant performances by these kids’. Enough of the introduction. Right? Yes. We understand your concern to get to know more about kids’. Let’s get started!

1. Samayra Narula:

You’d be knowing by now that this 5- year- old kid is the Winner of the Glam-Kid Contest, Bengaluru 2020.
She is indeed a stupendous actress. We were completely astonished by her expression and acting skills at this young age. No wonder- she has a fan base of over 1.7 Million on Tik Tok.
Well, you could watch a video which we have posted on our Facebook page. We have just posted one video. There is more such videos of her cute expressions and acting skills on Tik Tok and Instagram. Head to her profile and we are sure that you’d get an excerscise for your jawline. Ask why? Ha-ha. You’ll laugh your heart out.

2. Kiara Mathur:

She is the little princess who won second prize with title- “The Cutest Baby Award.”
Her dance moves were magical. Because, she herself was a little fairy; who danced for the song ‘Roll your Hands.’

3. Krishiv:

He is being awarded with second prize with the title- “The Little Wonder Award.”
He looked super handsome with that cute little bow which was attached to the collar of his shirt.
His expressions for the ‘Humpty Dumpty Nursery Rhyme’, was truly commendable.

4. Amogh:

Amogh, “The Upcoming Star” is here with us. He secured third prize in the Glam-Kid Contest.
You should definitely watch his video of making an attempt in getting some random tunes on the Keyboard instrument. Would you watch it? Eyes on you readers!

5. Amyra:

Amyra, looked pretty in her pink dress. And the tiara on her head personified herself as the queen in the Queendom. Well, we don’t limit ourselves only to Kingdom you know 🙂
Also, she won the third prize with the title- “The Cutest Baby Award.”

6. Izhan:

How many of you here readers are fans of Punjabi songs? Well, we have an outstanding dance performance for the song ‘High Rated Gabru’, by the “The Upcoming Dancing Star” Izhan.
You could also see him giggling at the end of the video with some drum rolls, and he is the part of third prize as well.

7. Avyansh Sethi:

Bored of mid week crisis at work? Up next we have a Bhangra Performance. Well, you don’t get to see here. Head on to our Facebook page now.
Avyansh looked spunky in his yellow shirt and red dhoti pants and won the fourth prize in the contest.

8. Srinika:

She is the bundle of joy herself. She danced, gave variety of expressions with the Krishna Costume at the beginning of the video.
She has won the fourth prize in the Glam-Kid Contest.

9. Dundesh:

He is an emerging actor, who dressed up himself as a Spider-Man for one of the Tik Tok videos. You’ll laugh out loud for his acting skills. Check it out.
Dundesh was one among the fourth winner of the contest.

10. Thusitha:

This cutie pie offered a Gerbera Flower to the one who recorded her video. Indeed, that was so cute. And her smile is contagious. Totally.
She secured fourth prize along with the other three kids’.

Hope you enjoyed reading this short article. Now all you have to do is to go and watch their performances. Would you do it? 🙂

Stay tuned for more such interesting articles based on Kids’.

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